Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recalling 8th October 2005- 4th anniversary of devastating earthquake of Pakistan

Today in District Mansehra, communities of Mansehra (Pakistan) together with the local government, national and international NGOs activists and students observed the 4th anniversary of devastating earthquake that occurred on 8th October 2005, killing more then 73, 000 innocent people and more then 2 million homeless. This joint memorial recalled the memories of biggest natural disaster in the history of Pakistan when people lost their loved family members, friends and villages as the earthquake with 7.6 magnitudes on rector scale jolted the northern parts of NWFP.

The today’s memorial event showed the great resilience of Pakistani people who had started recovering from the psychological impacts of the earthquake even within the first year of disaster. Although the human and infrastructure loses were a lot but the people of this earthquake affected region are now coming back to life and staying committed to face the miseries due to this natural disaster. Today’s event was a mix of sad moments, emotions and feelings but the most significant aspect was the courage and determination on people’ faces showing them highly resilient and ambitious to help their people in case of such emergencies in future. They remembered their loved one, performed different activities together with different organizations like displaying stalls, speaking about their new skills and abilities, search and rescue exercise, puppet show, children games, speeches etc.

International community together with the support of Pakistan Army, local communities and organizations played a tremendous job after the 2005 earthquake in reaching affected people within hours and helping those in a situation when they had lost every thing in their lives, their loved ones and their homes.

No doubt the earthquake of 2005 put a visible impact on the lives of communities living in this region by lose of bread earners, sources of livelihoods, lots of disabilities and trauma, but with the passage of time, all miseries and difficulties started turning into recoveries and new life. With limited resources, capacities and on going rehabilitation and development work in earthquake affected areas, still there are issues like people living in shelters, existence of major fault lines and a fear of another earthquake, children without school buildings, communities without health facilities, limited income resources and many more. But the faces of people today showed that they want to keep a hope and they are determined despite of many difficulties in their lives.

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