Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barber shops to sensitize customers on “NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS”

Faisal, a barber in Mansehra Township will be mobilizing his daily customers to stop use of plastic bags for environment protection. Faisal is more than happy to volunteer his time for this action. Faisal, in this regard, has posted hand made poster of key messages in his shop mentioning harmful impacts of plastic bags. A larger number of people come to Faisal shop every day for hair cutting and also for reading newspapers which is usually available in his shop. Faisal will urge customers to use home made environment friendly bags rather than asking shopkeepers for plastic bags during their shopping. Faisal will also contact other barber shops to join this voluntary campaign.

Climate Project Connectors campaign in Pakistan will engage more barber shops to sensitize mass on harmful impact of plastic bags. Every day a small shop in Mansehra consume 1 kg of plastic bags costing Rs. 210/-. This ratio is even more in big markets of other major cities. Majority of families throw these shopping bags in streets and drains without knowing the global use of petroleum in preparation of these plastic bags. They don’t know use of plastic bag result in deaths of more than 100, 000 animals every year, blockage of drainage system and spread of diseases due to standing water. Decomposition of a plastic bag takes about 1000 years. This is what Faisal will be sharing with his customers to avoid use of plastic bags.

Climate Project Connectors, in next step, will engage poor women in preparation of home made bags and sell them on shop keepers. It will provide an earning opportunity for such poor women and help in lessening use of plastic bags for environment protection.

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