Sunday, January 31, 2010

Connectors Spotlight- Memoona Rafique Chaudry

"I feel proud to be a climate campaigner along with my family- My little climate team. My New Year resolution include Go Green...Live Green and I promise this with my life"

From United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pakistan

My profession:
I'm a Clinical Psychologist by education having specialized in Clinical Treatment of Psychopaths. I have been practicing it at Ayub Medical College Abbottabad for one year along with my activities with Sungi Development Foundation. I joined UN in early 2005 as a counselor and fully got involved in all kinds of help I could do for the 2005 earthquake victims in Pakistan, not just as a psychologist but as a humanitarian. In UN, I am based in Lahore and we work for rehabilitation of lands...striving towards a Greener Pakistan.

What I like:
I love painting, traveling, reading and writing. I have been writing into many national and international magazines and publications in both English and Urdu. Traveling, exploring new places and natural scenarios are my weaknesses. Probably being born and bred in Abbottabad was one of the blessings of Allah which he had destined after embedding this interest into me.

Why I am a Climate Campaigner:
In wake of that I always feel disturbed at the splurge of the activities that are harming the planet. I feel honored and happy to be part of Climate Project Connectors team in Pakistan and our initiatives of Pakistan Environment Club (PEC). I will do my level best and all the input I can to make the environment, our country and thus , this planet a safe place to live for ourselves and generations to come.

My personal experience:
To me, Climate Change is not a threat to human beings only but also to wild species and bio-diversity. In my assignment in Kolkata (India) I have personally observed people living in old houses of Sundarban jungles using iron bends in huge windows and mud stocks to protect themselves from the attacks of tigers. However, in recently constructed houses, I didn’t see such arrangements and the simple answer of my astonishment was “Now Tigers seldom attack....a lot of them had died because of change in climate, flooding, population increase and deforestation. If we look at our own areas...places like Boee, villages around Nathiagali in Pakistan also have such stories related to wild tigers and other wild life. We seldom see anything or hear anything now, because, probably we've lost all of them.

My role as a Connector:
Joining the Climate Project Connectors team in Pakistan, I started some initiatives at personal and organizational level. I see my role to make aware my family, my relatives and my colleagues on urgency of climate issue. My role is to change my self, start from my family and spread the word to the rest of world.

My family- my little climate team:
We keep having detailed discussions on Climate Change issue in my family and friends. A family had been with us for a week from Karachi and I almost conducted the whole training with them. They promised to continue it and spread the word to others. They have also joined our online groups on climate change. I've stopped using shopping bags. Instead I asked my mom to stitch two lovely cotton bags with nice embroidery as well and which my son too, loves to carry. I have them in two sizes as per my requirements. I love to use them instead of filthy plastic bags. I've made a little team...I, My husband and my little boy...yes...I don’t let him throw rubbish around, waste water etc. Together we three can bring a change ...I believe in charity begins at home formula!!

We had two lines of water supply at our home (since its built on two consecutive plots so as per the town planning we had two connections) one was never used but in order to keep it working we were told by the WAPDA that we must leave the tap running for a few hours every day so that at least there is some bill to pay and that this connection may be shown as active. Both of us, my husband and I decided to cut that line. YES! We got a fierce response because this would have cost enough for breaking the whole line, getting it all plastered back and in case it needed again (the second line if the two houses operate separately) would reverse the whole process. Me and my husband convinced the whole family and committed to pay for both operation ...and we did it. And we got that line cut. I read somewhere that if one drop of water keeps leaking all day for a month we waste 624 gallons of water...I cant measure how much I saved....WOHOOO :)

At work:
I had a chance of visiting our project area and attending a community meeting. I tried to communicate whatever I had learned about Climate Change at the connectors training workshop. Since, the group not just had the male members but females and children too, I felt children were far more interested in the conversation rather than the elders. In fact children were kind of amused. At organizational level we have recently come across a UN project working on saving water. I linked up with them and invited them to conduct a joint activity in as many cities of Punjab as possible. We'll be spreading the word on water wastage, pollution and its ultimate effects on the planet. Our first event is on January 28, 2010 in Toba Tek Singh.


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