Thursday, January 21, 2010

Connectors Spotlight- Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar is working in one of the leading national NGOs of Pakistan “Sarhad Rural Support Programme“ (SRSP) as Project Coordinator. Naheed has completed her education in M.Sc Development Studies. She belongs to district Mansehra and having ten years of professional experience in development sector of Pakistan. Along with her dedicated efforts for development initiatives at grass root level, Naheed joined Climate Project Connectors campain in Pakistan in October 2009 to play her role as a climate campaigner. Naheed has an ambition to advocate on catastrophe of Climate Change with stakeholders on different forums. Due to unawareness in majority of rural population, Naheed want to reach maximum people, particularly women to create awareness on Climate Change.

Naheed is one of the CONNECTORS in Climate Project Connectors camapign who is volunteering her time and efforts to take actions. After attending connectors training programme in Mansehra, Naheed has been able to sensitize community leaders from 20 village organizations towards urgency of climate crisis. Naheed, while delivering trainings on proposal writing, is particularly focusing on factors like deforestation and environment pollution. Naheed anticipates that it will help village organizations to come forward and develop proposals to take actions in the field of climate change at local level. Naheed has specially included sessions on Climate Change in her disaster preparedness trainings for communities. She is also doing awareness raising among friends and families to mobilize them on importance of plantation.

Recently, Naheed participated in a consultative workshop in Mansehra on mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in development process. She emphasized on officials from District Government Mansehra, Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) and number of other government line departments to integrate aspects of Climate Change in their development strategies. Naheed is a member of Women Leadership Programme and is regularly sharing information with women leaders on Climate Change in ten Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) working in all the four province of Pakistan.


  1. Hi, nicet hear from Ms Naheed, good job done I hope she will contribute more to this great initiative to address CC issues.

    American Red Cross

  2. Of course, Naheed is one of our committed team member.