Friday, April 30, 2010

Simply a Good Mother

From Memoona- Climate Project Connector from Pakistan

Thanks to TCP , am a better mother now !

I liked the ideas regarding the handling of the kids ...just to share...I have an "Animal Kingdom" for my has birds, quadrupeds and sea animals. He loves them....I keep narrating stories to him....Like if he finishes his chips n throws away the wrapper ....his fish starts crying loudly....( mum has to be the fish here) and the fish tells him that since u threw the wrapper it has blocked my breathing and I am going to die...u would not be able to play with me ...I wont be your friend because you don't take care of me. So he understands that the wrapper has to be thrown in the bin or else his fish will not be friends with him...

He gets the message...though this is very in direct but he z just two...I think I am building the basics...and as they say increasing the difficulty level...I'll keep doing that !

I don't know as of yet...motherhood is a constant process...time will tell...if I am able to make my son a humble, decent, honest gentleman...that wud probably be the day I would be able to call myself a good mother. Its a long way to go yet !

Yes no doubt TCP has made me understand the facts on a more detailed basis. I don't know weather I would live to witness our hard work pay as a green world but that is for our children...this planet should be worth living for them...we got to leave it worth living by stop exploiting it and sharing the message. That is what I intend to do !

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