Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Climate episode continues in Hunza- Water now just 6 feet away from spillway

Hunza- people call it "Heaven on earth". The area with zero crime rate, the people who only know love and care and the faith on purity of hearts and softness of tongues. How can we imagine that a big natural disaster is just on the heads of these innocent people.

But now the water level in the artificial lake near Hunza is about 6 feet away from the spillway.
Water outflow in the lake is 197 cusec against the inflow of 2,400 cusec, according to the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan. Navy commandos are reaching in the area due to possible flash flood at larger scale.

As the water level continues to rise in the lake, people are evacuating from their villages. It's just painful for those families who are leaving their houses with final glances on their walls, looking all around, collecting their belongings and necessary stuff. It is really really hard to imagine the feeling of those families who have lived in these houses from decades where they were grown, married and lived happily along with their families. Now they are living in tents and waiting to see their houses destroyed when flash flood would pass through their villages.

As now the water level is just 6 feet below the spillway, experts are of strong opinion that with the start of overflow, the inside part of slide would have greater chance to slip away and would result in break of that mega blockage turning the lake into a heavy flash flood. Rapid glacier melt with the increase of temperature is now quite enough to add more water into the lake and to increase the water pressure downstream.

And the result will be destruction of people houses, road, bridges, schools, their agriculture lands and precious fruit orchards which these people rely on for their livelihoods. Big tragedy will be occurring in the low lying areas near the risky location of river where people are still reluctant to move.

Bridge photo: Dave's landslide blog

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