Thursday, May 6, 2010

Connectors Spotlight- Abdul Majid Khan

Abdul Majid is one of The Climate Project (TCP) Connectors from Pakistan. Majid joined our campaign "Climate Project Connectors" in Pakistan from October 2009 and since then Majid has been actively engaged in creating awareness among communities and different stakeholders on the catastrophe of Climate Change. In addition to his number of personal initiatives, Majid has significantly contributed at his organizational level to strengthen their efforts in reaching maximum people in war affected areas of Swat and taking some real steps towards adaptation initiatives for communities who are facing the impacts of climate variability.

In the last week of March 2010, Majid co-facilitated our 2nd connectors training for the university students of International Islamic University Islamabad. At the organizational level, Majid has remained engaged in plantation of some 20,000 trees in Swat. At the moment, they are implementing 305 projects with their partners in Swat and they are trying to make sure these projects are environment friendly and sustainable while taking into accounts the elements of siltation, infiltration and sanitation.

"We negotiated with two partners to included climate change in their program strategy and we all successful in convincing one of them already. I am helping our partner organization to prepare long term proposal on climate change adaptation with particular emphases on land use planning and management" says Majid.

Majid is looking forward to start a new project from May 2010 in Swat and they will be planting 15,000 more trees in this project during monsoon. Majid is also planning to organize a training for 40 development professionals on climate change in Swat with their partner organizations.

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