Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hottest summer of 2010- Is it what we call GLOBAL WARMING

54 degree Celsius being recorded today in Mohenjodaro* which is the ever hottest mercury in the history of Pakistan.

Usually the two months i.e. May and June remain warmer every year in the country, however this time May has just crossed all the limits. This is just too hot, a real GLOBAL WARMING.

A severe heat wave is gripping the plain areas of Pakistan while the current hot weather together with use of polluted water has just increased cases of water born diseases. Apart from Mohenjodaro, different cities of Punjab and Baluchistan provinces are in severe heat grip. Sibbi (53), Jakobabad (52.5), Nawabshah (52.2) and number of other cities in the range of 48 to 50 degree Celsius.

In northern parts, this heat wave has also triggered fast melt of glaciers which has increased water flow in the rivers. This is particularly dangerous in the area of Hunza where the mega landslide has stopped river flow, making the river into a dangerous artificial lake. About 40,000 people lives and livelihoods are at risk.

*Mohenjodaro was one of the early urban settlement in the world history, built aroud 2600 BC and abondaned in 1500 BC. This great civilization of the South Asia was discovered in 1922.

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