Wednesday, May 19, 2010

REAL episode of Climate Change- a MUST watch for skeptic

I wonder how those who deny the reality of climate change would comment on this.
A massive artificial lake is about to burst...

More than 40, 000 people are at high risk and their livelihoods are about to destroy. Evacuation completed in 34 villages. Number of houses, roads, schools and agriculture land are under water. About 22 kilometer of Karakuram highway connecting Pakistan with China is already under water.

A rapidly growing artificial lake about 350 feet deep and 20 kilometer long till date near Atabad, Hunza (northern Pakistan) is now about turn into a massive flash flood towards downstream valleys and areas near the Indus river. AND still number of poor people are reluctant to leave the area because they have no other livelihood sources. They depend on these lands.

Knowing all this, I must say that for skeptics the word Climate Change can be a topic to debate on but NOT for our thousands of people and their livelihoods being in the mouth of this BIG disaster.

It was 4th January 2010 when a massive landslide about two and half kilometer long stopped the flow of river Hunza, near Atabad village (Norther Areas of Pakistan), killing 20 innocent people. The misery didn't stop here as since then the river water continue to store and has now become an large artificial lake spreading over the area of more than 20 kilometer. That time storage of water was quite slow however, start of summer just triggered rapid melting of glaciers in the North resulting in rise of water level at the rate of 1 meter per day. Pak army together with local contractors completed the work on spill way while early warning and swimming system is in place but it doesn't seem effective due to huge estimated pressure of water which is about to overflow that big slide in a week time or two.

Imagining the growing worse situation, I think about those who says climate change is not real. Ask those people. I wish they could see all this going to happen now. Impact on ALMOST 40, 000 people due to this coming disaster is not something to deny and ignore. These people are simply not able to fight with this.

Photo: SAMMA

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