Monday, June 28, 2010

A journey from darkness to light, new hopes new ambitions

It’s one of the wonderful experiences for a remote community of Chokana, Balakot and the staff of World Vision Pakistan. Excitement begins as the community initiated planning for installation of community based micro-hydal plant to enlighten their village with new hopes and ambitions.

World Vision facilitated the community of Chokana in developing their five years’ village development plan, where community identified issue of rapid depletion of precious forest due to non availability of electricity in their village. Consultation led to the consensus of community for installation of micro-hydal plant as they had enough source of water from a natural spring in the village.

World Vision Pakistan staff, especially our climate project connectors helped the community in planning, designing and implementation of this community based project with the technical support from WV engineers.

Today, the community of Chokana is so excited when this 15 KV micro-hydal plant started supply of electricity to 58 households. The project cost Rs. 750,000/- with 10% community share.

The project will not only decrease community dependency on forest wood for fuel but also provide a continuous supply of electricity in the village. Children will be able to study at night. It will also improve community living standard through utilization of electrical appliances and reducing physical hardships of women in number of domestic chores. Chokana community is also planning to install a water mill to utilize the diverted water channel from the plant to produce flour and irrigate their lands for crops production.

We anticipate that this project will not only contribute to conserve natural environment of the area but also generate livelihood sources for local poor communities. It will also help local community to understand climate risks, usefulness of available natural resources and increased community resilience through climate change adaptation initiatives.

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