Monday, July 26, 2010

Connecting over clouds- Something to plan big

A breath of contentment was fascinating me when we finally reached the soothing and marvelous green resort of Thandiani. We were standing about 9000 feet above sea level where clouds were touching our soul and we were able to see fog passing through the thick forest trees, flying and making their ways all around.

There were moments, we weren’t able to do anything else but to see, feel and walk through the fog and happily requesting friends to capture the silence and satisfaction of nature in the eyes of cameras. And that’s why I am right now facing problem which picture to select and which to drop for my this blog :) I still think there is lot to say how green, beautiful and soothing Thandiani is- a blessing of nature, where one would certainly wish to make this world as green and natural as this part of heaven on earth. Of course we wished it a lot today.

I was happy that our connectors made a right decision in our last quarterly meeting to organize upcoming meeting in this cool hill spot. Memoona, our today’s facilitator and an active connector from Lahore had sent dozen of emails to friends to make sure everything go well in planning. Living in the hot burning Lahore, particularly in this summer of 2010, I could feel how excited she was and spent her day with us in this green resort, along with her family and her cute son Ayan (we call him the youngest Pakistani connector :)

We spent our day in Thandiani, while staying in the cool breeze and fog of heights to plan something big- working out the legal aspects of our national level network on climate change, which is an initiative of Climate Project Connectors. Today, we worked together, sharing with each other our campaign’ progress at individual and organizational level and doing group work to see how our network “Pakistan Environment Club” PEC will show up in big picture.

Jawad- always cooperative so once again today for arranging transport in a changed plan, making order for food and sweetly interrupting during the group work saying, “guys- food is getting cold and would not taste good if you delay more”. We thought, he doesn’t seem interested in the work but later on, he was so good enough upon his turn to shed lights on key legal aspects of our network, its functioning, role and responsibility. And why not, after all Jawad is a lawyer, beside the executive director of Saibaan and a connector from Mansehra.

Naheed thank you for joining us today! Our strong female connector from Mansehra and a sound women activist, we never feel like we will miss role of women in our campaign when Naheed is with us to advocate on women rights. That’s why we were able to give full respect to women empowerment in our future plans.

Rashda, a supportive connector from Abbottabad city, always saying, “Asif, Is Naheed coming along? If not, then would straightaway say, SORRY then I can’t come”. The reason behind this sorry would always be her wish to enjoy every trip to full extent, having the company of her best colleague. I feel proud of her as she, now a days, is a regular mentor of three women, we recently selected from Balakot as “echopreneurs” in our campaign’ initiative “WE ECHOPRENEURS”.

And finally Amjad, our connector from Concern Islamabad, always looking at things very deeply, competent, so always considered as key human resource in organizations he worked with (although Naheed always complain about him why he changes organization so quickly :) ) He was a good contribution for today’s work of connectors and let me also say thanks to Amjad for taking some good pictures of me as well :)

I feel content that our campaign is keeping our connectors united for a common voice, a volunteer movement of its kind in Pakistan where they are advocating on the catastrophe of climate change while promoting the sense of volunteerism in action.

Let’s hope our connectors’ aims are as high and cool for our people as of the clouds of nature today!

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