Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to handle our happiest days of life

I have a friend, perhaps the best among thousands of those in the world that people claim to be proud of in their lives, a friend that makes my every day of life with a new learning, a friend helping me out to become a good person than my every past day. I think, with more straightforwardness of my friend in telling me the reality of life, my own weaknesses and where I need to be strong, I think I have the blessing of God to have such person in my life. A more than a friend to me that I would take not a single minute to change my decision to start reading a book that I bought recently, but to read first “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. It is not like that I only changed my choice of reading book because my friend said this. Rather, I believe I am going to learn more from the recommendation of my friend as always, in addition to my personal attachment. This is what when we can, often, take our hard decision easily in life when a friend is also a good mentor :)

As I started reading the book, “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, the first question I asked from myself "how come I didn’t read it a long before". It is an awesome book…. Oh wait Asif, I am not here to talk about how amazing the book is, I wanted to tell why I am going to change my facebook status message “Some time we don’t learn from our most happiest days of life”. I wanted to write here what new thing my friend shared with me for my learning. I hope I will justify in my blog, the words that my friend said to me.

It was kind of emotional reaction of something that forced me to write that status message on FB wall and since then I kept of thinking about it. I was thinking there is still something wrong with this status message. Today, as I talked to my friend about how amazing it is to have best days in life, but on the other hand how hard it is to manage it all when we separate, I think I am near to understand how to edit my FB status message.

We rarely think of such hard times, while totally mad of and disappeared into the pleasure of such best moments. Separation from such environment is often hard to bear. We often hear that everything needs a limit or balance in life. The same rule applies if we are somewhere out with friends and people either for fun, training or some celebrations, we need to limit the extent of excitement that we create just to make the moments all the time hit. In case of long days training somewhere in most beautiful places with amazing friends, we bring each and every thing all together but rarely think of mentorship, psychological care and way forward as part of our training programmes that could make us able to bear such hard feelings when we separate.

It is fact when we separate and come out of those especial moments of our life, our minds hardly accept it for many days and we are in kind of trauma that what happened to us. Sometime in such situation, we react in a strange way to our self, our friends or even to our families and loved one. No doubt, in case of training event, it is the beauty of our hosts to create such an amazing environment that we don’t feel away from our families and friends. However, on the other way, may be such hosts forget to plan how they are going to ensure that participants feel a sustainable way of networking, not only the business, but also the emotions that keep our minds and feeling strong enough when at the time of separation.

Often I wish, some day I will be a good trainer. That’s why I keep on learning new tools and techniques that can make my trainings better than before. Thank you so much my friend for the talk today and giving me a chance to peruse this new tool of handling emotions. May be you are not aware how precious learning you gave me today by sharing the idea of such psychological support. For me it will not only apply in trainings but also in our personal lives. I hope, I could learn this soon.

Dedicated to my friend…

Now I am going to change my FB status to “How to handle our happiest days of life”

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