Thursday, July 22, 2010

Your few precious minutes are important for us

Dear Climate lovers,

Your few precious minutes are important for us. We need you to evaluate our campaign against Climate Change in Pakistan and give us feedback on how can we improve our campaign against Climate Change.

Please go to the link and help us with your inputs and feedback:
We are a group of volunteers (Connectors) in Pakistan and running our campaign since last year under the Hon. Al Gore' Climate Change Leadership Programme.

Pakistan, being an agricultural country, contribute only less than a percent in global carbon emission but still is the 12th most vulnerable country due to Climate Change. It's melting glaciers in north, more risks of flooding and droughts, increased health concerns, food insecurity and scarcity of fresh water availability will be main challenges in coming years. Pakistan' average temperature increase is more than the global average, while studies predict shift in monsoon season and reduced crops productivity. Women and children will be particularly impacted due to climate change because of their less coping strength to adapt to climate shift.

We take it as our prime responsibility to make our unaware people aware of climate change and help them seek sustainable solutions against climate crisis and advocate on the issue with government and decision makers. We aim to empower women and help them to increase their resilience against the catastrophe.

Of course we need to improve our approach with innovation, to reach more people and take more actions. Your few minutes that you may spare to evaluate our campaign can create a big impact.

Go here:

Many thanks,

Presenter- The Climate Project

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