Friday, August 13, 2010

Action against Climate Change is the only option…

According to the United Nations, 460 million dollars are needed on emergency basis to respond to flood crisis in Pakistan. UN estimated this amount in his Emergency Response Plan to cope with the immediate needs raised after the worse ever devastation due to unexpected monsoon rains started in the last week of July 2010.

Initial assessment show that damages after the flood are more than the 2005’ earthquake of Pakistan and of Tsunami. UN estimated about 14 million people affected across Pakistan. Only in Punjab province 8 million people are affected. Numbers of affected people in KPK province are 4.72 million, Sindh 1.1 million, Baluchistan 2.7 million, Kashmir 24,000 and Northern Area 8,000 people. Numbers of destroyed houses in Punjab province are 84,000, KPK 172,000, Baluchistan 20,000, Kashmir 4,000 and Northern Areas, 1,000 houses. Women, little children and people with disability have become extremely vulnerable in this situation.

The flash appeal of UN is required for food, drinking water, shelter, sanitation, health and non food items for flood survivors. Some 1200 people died due to massive flooding and collapse of houses. Only in KPK district, 9000mm rain has been recorded in one week which the province usually receive entire year. There is a big risk of food crisis after damages to crops, while outbreak of water born diseases is getting high after the flooding. According to the UN, humanitarian crisis may hit high due to food shortage and water born diseases.

This is all what our people are facing due to unexpected weather patterns resulting from climate change. Lack of government capacity to respond to this humanitarian crisis will exacerbate the situation. For me and many, immediate support to flood survivors is vital, however, until the world leadership don’t become serious to take action against climate change and side by side, governments become more efficient and transparent in good governance, tragedies like in Pakistan will continue to hit the dignity of people around the world due to man-made natural disasters.

Photo: Guardian

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  1. 1.its an alarming and deplorable situation.
    2.most dreadful thing z that govt specially National Diasaster managment authority r failed to control d situation.
    3. UN haz d facts and figure abt the effectes and damages bt till nw no estimated loss hav been put frwrded by the govt.
    4.its nt only the govt bt every single man shud be contributed and donated in to endeavor the situation and provide basic necessitities of life to the effectes.
    its the time v shud congregate and face the crisis avoiding sectarianism, cost, language customs and regional issues.
    Allah sentinel us ameeeen.