Sunday, August 1, 2010

Before you go to Mexico...

Sorry if it frustrates some one...

What has happened:

According to the Pakistan Television News, death toll due to deadly and unexpected monsoon may cross 1500. More than 1000 precious lives are confirmed dead, while 2.5 millions people are affected. Dams already filled, roads, bridges, houses, crops, livestock, every thing almost vanished in most parts of KPK and Baluchistan province in particular. Punjab, Sindh to be the next victim…

Why this is happening:

Besides the fact that every year monsoon rains affect Pakistan with flooding and landslide but this time the disaster was worse in history of last 34 years. The simple answer is CLIMATE CHANGE. CLIMATE CHANGE bring adverse and unexpected disasters due to global emission of greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuel, deforestation, industrial pollution etc. This global environmental pollution causes global warming and changes earth echo-system. The outcome is more frequent and deadly disasters, particularly in poor countries.

CLIMATE CHANGE and flooding in Pakistan:

According to Pakistan Met Department, current monsoon spell is unexpected which caused massive destruction in the country. While the regular monsoon spell will start from August 2, 2010, means more damages to happen.

Who is doing this:

Of course this disaster and all others are not because of our sin (mis-perception). The reality is that the UNEXPECTED MONSOON IS THE RESULT OF GLOBAL CARBON EMISSION AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION caused by the few rich and developing countries of the world.

Responsibility of Pakistan government and the world:

Pakistan government is responsible to expedite response and accountable to reach each and every affectee for early recovery. Government is also responsible for doing necessary pre-arrangements to protect our people from flooding and landslide that happen every year. But this is ACTUALLY the responsibility of the world countries, particularly those who are responsible for historical and current global carbon emission/environmental pollution to control/reduce their dirty pollution of greenhouse gases so that countries like Pakistan do not face such disasters.

Last words:

We ask Pakistan government to increase disaster response and don't wait for next year flooding. Do something before the next disaster. Don't let the disaster management authorities to take rest in eleven months and then run here and there in the monsoon month.

We ask the responsible countries to control environmental pollution and don't let us to pay for their so called development on our lives. We ask world nations to reach binding and fair agreement on CLIMATE CHANGE in the upcoming MEXICO SUMMIT this December 2010.

My question is, if you can't reach to a fair agreement then why don't you simply cancel your trip to Mexico? At least some carbon emission will be reduced if you don't travel, do not stay and consume energy in Mexico COP16...

Thank you

Climate Project Connectors

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