Monday, August 23, 2010

May our children not be afraid of clouds next time

I love photography and I love to capture the beauty of nature through my camera’ eye… It was the evening of 27th July and I left my office to go back to home. The pleasant cloudy evening with cool breeze made me totally forgot that it was actually a hot summer in my country. I was walking on a link road, having a widespread land of green fields on its rights side. While looking far the mountain and clouds surrounding its peak, I couldn’t stop myself to take my camera from my bag and I took a few photographs that time. I really wanted to capture the beautiful scenery of the nature that time.
While going back to my home and looking at the photographs in my camera, I was thinking how lucky I am to live in such an amazing and God gifted part of this world. I used to transfer photographs from my camera to my online collection of photographs on the very night, but this time that I couldn’t do this.

I never knew the clouds that are gathering around the hill peaks would bring a lot of monsoon rain in my country and will make about 20 million of my country men, women and children homeless. I never knew the rain we used to love every summer to reduce the heat intensity would actually make our people more expose to sun’ rays after the massive flooding would sweep away thousands of houses that our people constructed to live a happy life. I never knew the monsoon this year will be more devastating that will bring almost half of my country under the flood water.

While writing this all now, I still believe that the nature has never been bad to the human beings, nor the clouds that come and give us rain water are bad. I will never say that the water, being the gift of God, has taken lives of so many innocent people, little children and smashed out their houses. Water is life and it is the blessing of God for every one of us. I just believe in a very simple formula that, if we disturb the nature, the nature will disturb us. It is even not the human being whom we would consider accountable to disturb the nature, rather these are those un-natural acts that create problems for the human beings- the acts of emitting greenhouse gases, cutting of trees and disturbing the nature.

I really loved to hear this yesterday that a thief is not a bad person, but it is actually the act that the thief do. He is not bad because he is a human being and creature of God. So we really need to change those practices that make our nature disturbed. Today, as I see half of my country under the water and people struggling to find a safe place and children crying for food and water, I would never blame human beings to be responsible for all this, rather I would condemn those practices in the name of so called development that can make the lives of fewer one prosperous but create lots of hardships in the lives of many, such as the 20 million people in Pakistan who are without any shelter, food and clean drinking water.

With a big heart to see and feel all the miseries and hardships, I would still give this message to everyone in this world that; love the nature and the human beings who belong to it. Make this world a place worth living for everyone. May our children not be afraid of clouds next time, but to always welcome the love of nature in its all fullness.

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  1. ts a conise, pithy bt comprehensive scrutiny nd edifying note on current calamity and climate change. m agree that nature z beautiful and human friendly bt ts human being itself who eradicate and annihilate d nature and create delimna nd quandary situation for himself.our govt shud persue d practices which makeour nature nonviolent for us coz ts nt dangerous fr human being bt for animals and also become in consequence of financia and economical loss of a country.
    Allah sanctify us and our cherished country