Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I would never wish my country to become an example of climate vulnerabilities...

This weekend I was going through a new slides on Climate Change coming from The Climate Project Australia. Almost each and every slide has a message of change behind it, that I personally think, we need to spread among those who don't know it. While going through the slides, my mind directed my finger, not to click on next slide further, as I saw the word Pakistan. The slide says-

A few years later Multan, Pakistan, the temperature soared to 126°F (~52°C). The average high summer temperature in Multan is 108°F (42°C).

And then the other slide after it....

In 2010, Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan experienced a high temperature of 129°F (~54C). This is the highest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan and possibly the fourth highest ever recorded in the world.

And then I got another email from a subscribed source "Repower America" reading that - Around the globe, we are on track to see the hottest year yet in 2010. From the flooding in Pakistan to droughts in Russia and landslides in China, the effects of this year's extreme weather are catastrophic and undeniable.

For a while I was thinking, whether the name of Pakistan being highlighted in the current international debate on climate change- such as increasing extreme events is of what importance for us? Are we able to highlight the impacts of climate change on the country like Pakistan and many others, being neglected before or it is a real point of concerns for us living in Pakistan that now we are more vulnerable than before due to the impacts of Climate Change.

Being a humanitarian, I would never wish that the name of my country become an example in Climate Debate. I would like that my country and every country in the world do not face the miseries because of climate change. But this is the fact that Pakistan is now experiencing more impacts and this is what the changing weather pattern and increasing number of natural disasters like the current flooding in Pakistan is now bringing us more in the talks.

There are number of the countries who are experiencing the impacts of climate change and I would never wish that any extreme event make them "unfortunately known" in the list of most vulnerable one. This is the time that the world leadership become more serious before the Mexico summit and do not let more countries like Pakistan to become more and more vulnerable due to increasing impacts of climate change.

This is the time for action and this is the time for showing seriousness. We don't want to see more news like "20 million affected in due to massive flooding in Pakistan". Let this world be a safe place for all of us and for those in future who will only be talking about our behavior' responsiveness for mother earth.

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