Sunday, October 31, 2010

Story of Daniella- passion, children and climate change

It’s a passionate and inspiring story of Daniella who turned 10 this 10/10/10!

Daniella lives in Canada. She was born in Nigeria while her parents were in Nigeria 10 years ago. This 10/10/10 when the world celebrated global day of action against climate change, little Daniella came up with her innovative but very passionate idea- Support flood affected children in Pakistan by raising $ 1010.10 by Oct 10- the day she would celebrate her 10th birthday!

When she was born in 2000, the United Nations Millennial Goal of eradicating poverty by half by 2015 was announced. Knowing the fact that 1.2 billion people are still below the poverty line and the UN target seems quite difficult to achieve, Daniella also wanted to do something.

To help Daniella in her fund raising mission, Cathy- one of my friends from Canada, arranged for her to give a speech at a significant community event in Canada. On October 6, 2010, at the Good Green Town Hall for the Municipal Elections, Daniella read the Christian Prayer for eradication of poverty and announced her 10/10/10 goal. Her prayer at the Good Green Town Hall was the same one that was also officially read to 100,000,000 million in churches across the world on 10/10/10.

Starting her one week fund raising mission up to $ 1010.10, Daniella initially collected donations from the Good Green Town Hall, her own school, friends and from her birthday party. By 10/10/10 Daniella was able to raise funds up to $ 1010.10 which she donated for the flood affected children in Pakistan through World Vision.

Its fact that Climate change is everywhere, impacting lives of poor and especially of children. The passion of Daniella and her mission for 10/10/10 shows a universal love for children especially for those who are less fortunate than others. In the aftermath of Pakistan flood where 50% affectees are children out of 21 million, passions like Daniella gives another ray of hope and love in the world of disasters and challenges.

Dedicated to Daniella for her passion and love for the children of Pakistan!


  1. Daniella was thrilled to read the blog.

    Tonight is Halloween in Canada. It is night where children go from house to house and neighbours give them treats.

    Daniella is collecting sponsors for a 30 hour famine she is doing for World Vision.

  2. Thank you Cathy and please pass on my sincere wishes to Daniella for her great work.