Monday, October 18, 2010

Why wise people say- Every second is precious

Dear friends, I just want to say how important every second is for us when we advocate on climate crisis...

When we think about our self, our lives and our limited surroundings, we rarely believe the urgency of issues in its true spirit. Often we realize issues in depths when we personally experience them and then we start sharing with friends, family members and people in our lives. Perhaps this is the reason that after massive flooding this July-Aug in Pakistan, we are more emphasizing from Pakistan to spread the word and ask the world leadership to take real action to fight against climate crisis.

However, after seeing one of the wonderful, informative but alarming resource, I think what we are doing is actually too less than what is really happening around the world in every second.As I clicked the website link, the first alarming thing that I observed was the increase in population every second, deaths happening every second and emission of CO2 every second. I noted that just in 1 minute and 54 seconds, 432 people have been born, 147 people have died and 79,000 tones of CO2 has been emitted in the world.

I realize how vital it is to communicate and educate people and ask the world for a Climate with Positive Change. Looking at the website and as the sign of birth and death kept on appearing in different parts of the world, I continuously thought how rapidly the world is changing and how slowly we are advocating for change.I just hope we all realize how important every second in our life is to do some thing for the betterment of humanity.

Please share where you can.


  1. A very thought provoking post.. How true it is!! We almost always take planet earth for granted and rarely realise the amount of pressure its taking to sustain us.. Now, more than ever, the pressure is getting bigger!! Every second something is happening, both good and bad. Lets try do more good to the earth and humanity than bad...

  2. Thank you so much for your comments campaigner!! I really like your thoughts and wish that we all think like this.