Thursday, November 25, 2010

Success story of Rashda- a Connector from Pakistan

Rashda is a voluntary climate campaigner in Pakistan. Belonging originally from the beautiful valley of Kashmir area, she believes that empowering females in sustainable livelihoods at local level and replicating good practices through trained female entrepreneurs at village level would contribute in the well being of poor families, helping them adapt to climate risks and improve their food security.

Early this year, Rashda, being her expertise in organic farming, decided to help our voluntary initiative "We ecopreneurs" by training three village women as entrepreneurs from the sub division Balakot (Pakistan) and helped them how to promote organic farming/kitchen gardening at local level and market their produce to earn income for their families.

Believing on strengths of village women, Rashda motivated three females (Qudsia, Sonia and Sehrish) by imparting series of orientation sessions among their communities on climate change and food security. She was able to actively engage a women CBOs in Balakot and started organic kitchen gardening competition programme to motivate village women towards environment friendly livelihoods.

Qudsia, Sonia and Sehrish, after understanding what climate change is and how it is impacting their lives, first got willingness from their families and started growing turnips crop in small plots near their homes . They found it easy to grow when they learnt about organic farming from Rashda. Successfully, these women were able to sell their produce in a local market and earned a good profit as well.

To further motivate these village women, Rashda distributed cash prizes among them and linked them with National Agriculture Research Center Islamabad (NARC).To simply replicating the good practice, Rashda was able to provide free of cost seeds from NARC to Qudsia, Sonia and Sehrish who further distributed these seeds among more than 50 local females. The three women entrepreneurs would now further assist village women to start home based organic kitchen gardening and earn at local level.

Rashda is quite happy by starting this initiative in Balakot and successfully motivating village women to engage in environment friendly and locally sustainable source of earning. She anticipates that such initiatives will contribute much in improving economic activities among village women and helping them improve their adaptation capacity against climate crisis.

Rashda, orienting local females on climate change and importance of organic farming

Sehrish after receiving training was able to start organic kitchen gardening near her home in Balakot

Ready crop

Next step would be to sell it out in local market with the help of their male family members

Prizes distribution on successful initiative

Prizes distribution on successful initiative

Prizes distribution on successful initiative

Qudsia, after being trained on organic farming is able to share learning with rest of the females in the village

Future planning!!

Rashda work in a local NGO- SRSP and also climate project connector from Pakistan.


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