Thursday, December 23, 2010

We need happiness with the start of New Year..

The dry cold December is on its way to hand us over to the New Year. I saw people getting ready to rejoice the New Year. Plans are there to have new celebrations around the world. And in few hours more smiles would wrap faces of hundreds of thousands with the start of Christmas day.

It’s so nice to search for happiness. Every little or big opportunity that could bring happiness in lives is of great worth. Perhaps more in case when there are lots of barriers in the way of happiness- poverty, disasters, away from the loved ones.

It’s almost five months now when disastrous flood in Pakistan snatched happiness from thousands of people- little children, women and their families. Standing water in Sindh still prevent people in many parts of Sindh province to go back to their area of origin, where they could find their happiness once again. I understand the way to happiness would still be a long journey for those who will recall their loved ones, their muddy but beautiful houses, their destroyed lands where they cultivated and always felt happiness after having crops ready with their days and months long hard work in field.

Pakistan flood that came this July, August perhaps look a matter of no concern when our politicians have their fights with breaking old ties and searching for the new ones and having first objective of securing power in the current instable political scenario. Generously helping the victims soon after the catastrophe by international community, aid agencies and Pakistan army, a limited struggle for rehabilitation continue silently. It was unfortunate that international media focused more on few controversial issues than the massive disaster happened in the living history of Pakistan. I still remember the words of Ban Ki-Moon, in his speech saying Pakistan flood a slow motion tsunami with its impacts more than the earthquakes of Pakistan and Haiti and that of tsunami itself. Perhaps this is now even more unfortunate that both the media and politics of Pakistan has shown much diversion from its focus on Pakistan flood and its affectees but having all the time discussion on changing political ties in the country.

For me, the challenge of restoring lives of flood survivors is much important than the current political games, show case of Wiki Leaks or the stupid debate on crickets spot fixing. At least, no one fighting with live in the aftermath of flood would have any interest on these issues, rather having their priority to feed their children, protect themselves from harsh winter and arrange medicines in ghot, chak or kaley (villages) where they won’t found a proper health facility.
The world has just finished talking, debating and agreeing during the recent UN talks in Cancun on what measures they could take to protect the world from climate catastrophes. Although non-binding, still it is encouraging to see agreements on many issues between the rich and poor nations (except Bolivia). Again, the result would not come in front until we have some concrete actions taken and help people to protect their lives from changing weather patterns and extreme events like of Pakistan flood this year.

We would love to see how our government becomes more interested and keen to look at possible opportunities after the Cancun talks in the best interests of climate affectees in Pakistan. Our people need happiness with the start of New Year, not the politics...

Photo: channel 4 News