Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spending holidays in educating people on Climate Change

I was on my two weeks long holidays from office, however I decided not to spend my free days in traveling around or resting at home. My choice was to go in field, meet local farmers, communities and NGOs professionals to spread the word on Climate Change. Perhaps the best choice I could made in sharing information on science of climate change, a global perspective and political landscape which local communities in Pakistan are often unaware of. In every that second of my voluntary effort, I felt a sense of satisfaction whenever I realized I was able to make people aware on the information which they didn't know before such as increased concentration of greenhouses gases in atmosphere more than the natural requirement, future risks of water scarcity in Pakistan, difference among developed and developing countries in international debate and up to date science of climate change, which local people rarely able to know.

Inviting our campaign' volunteers from Punjab and KPK provinces to plan activities for 2011

In Balakot- a

famous tourist spot but highly vulnerable to flash floods

and landslides:

"Presentation to local farmers community on Science of Climate Change and Pakistan'Perspective"

In Mansehra- a hub of NGOs during their 2005 earthquake response

"Training of NGOs professional on Climate Change and

Public Narrative Skills"

In Peshawar- participants from the Tribal Areas, Peshawar

and other districts worst impacted by war on terror and Pakistan flood 2010
"Presentation on Climate Change and Possible Solution"

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