Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dreams behind the heat

Beautiful trees of dates… green fields…

Water flowing down in the link canals… historical forts and palaces…

a rich culture… courageous people…

This is Khairpur- one of the beautiful towns in Sindh province of Pakistan.

Belonging to green lush mountainous area, I felt same sense of beauty with my every breath as I moved down to the fields in Khairpur. Small shops on road side, handmade charpai (beds) in front of small hotels and people enjoying tea while sitting together… public buses moving fast on the main road, traveling from Karachi to the KPK province, giving me sense of connection among people from south to north.

Sindh- where I spent my early six years of childhood was perhaps the most inspiring reason of love for the people in Khairpur. I loved spending few hours with the people of Khairpur.

Nature has blessed Khairpur beauty with a different look. This beauty reflects from the plain fields, from the heights of date trees and from the faces of the people of Khairpur.

But what is wrong here, is the chilling heat. It was almost 45˚ C plus in the month of May. I don’t know how bravely these people survive with this temperature. I simply can’t imagine about June and July. Moen-jo-daro is not much far from Khairpur where mercury, last year peaked to the record 54˚ C.

Shikarpur, Khairpur and other parts of the Sindh province were the worst affected areas in aftermath of 2010 massive flooding which inundated almost half of the country’ land under water. As I walked down in the town, I kept on thinking about miseries of the innocent people here.

Although flood water is no more here, but many people are fighting with life’ challenges- a challenge to survive with dignity and a fear of another big flood.

If people in the northern Pakistan only witnessed a deadly flash flooding last year, people in Sindh faced with both the massive flooding and chilling heat. Fighting already with extreme poverty, flooding has further brought more challenges in the lives of families, little girls and boys, who would have always dreamed for an easy live.

Perhaps many of them would not even know what a happy life is…

As the beauty of Khairpur is eternal, dreams of the little children of Khairpur are also beautiful. I felt the sense of this beauty in their innocent eyes. When I saw any child walking on the roads and streets or working in the field, I dared to think about their dreams in this unbearable heat. A beautiful dream sometime behind the bare foot walks…

Perhaps I would not have sensed it in its true sense as I was personally not able to face this extremely hot temperature.

Why this heat and this flooding be the fate of these innocent children and their families. They deserve fulfillment of their beautiful dreams.

And they are as beautiful as is the beauty of Khairpur.

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