Saturday, August 13, 2011

Send us a two-minute video on climate change and show your skills to the world

Are you a skilled film maker, by chance got talent in making documentaries or if you know someone among your friends who really loves to capture changes in the eyes of camera. We have something reality exciting for you to show your skills to the world.

Send us a two-minute short video and show how climate change is impacting your community, your city and your surroundings and become a part of 24 Hours of Reality!

The Climate Reality Project (TCRP) is organizing a global event “24 Hours of Reality” to show full truth, scope, scale and impact of climate crisis on September 14-15, 2011. With one event scheduled in each time zone at 7:00PM local time, the entire 24 hours will be streamed live online. One of these live 24 events is also taking place in Islamabad on September 15, 2011.

We are inviting interested individuals and film makers to submit a two-minute short video on impacts of climate change in Pakistan. We will select the best video and show it in our Islamabad event!! You will also get a chance to see your created video in live events happening this September 14-15.

You can post your video on this link by August 30, 2011; Any person appearing in your video needs to sign an appearance release. Here is the link to appearance release; Please email your signed forms to when you post your video.

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