Monday, August 8, 2011

In the midst of nature, life and reality

I live in an area which attracts every one’s eyes, where high mountains gossip with sky, where rivers’ flow gave rhythm to life and where greenery speak about nature. Northern Pakistan- a land of beauty, a blessing of pure nature…

Then why we see floods? Why our lands often sweep away with slides? Why rains become torrent some time? Since my childhood I kept on observing changes but never able to make a point what lies between a natural beauty and a disaster.

And then I leant about climate change. A human made change which affects all of us. A Reality which we need to know. Like our region, this phenomenon affects the poor more, living in least developed area. But the effects of climate change are now everywhere. If flood inundated Pakistan in 2010, London was also not an exception. If drought badly affected Baluchistan province in 1999-2000, then Russians couldn’t also protect themselves from recent record dry spell. If Mohenjodaro city of Pakistan observed 54 degree Celsius last year then Europe also received record snowfall in its living history.

World is observing these changes more significantly then the past. Every country is contributing in these changes. The only difference is that some countries pollute more our atmosphere with their emission of greenhouse gases and many don’t. Those rich countries are however more resilient to cope with the impacts of climate change as compared to the poor. Emission of CO2 is different in every country but the impacts don’t care about any geographical boundaries.

However, what is more important is to know the reality of climate crisis and pave a way of climate justice. And that’s why I am joining Reality this September 15 from Islamabad- a part of global campaign by Al Gore where we 23 voluntary presenters will stand together with Al Gore to raise one common voice. In 24 time zones with 13 different languages, each hour of September 14-15 will show the world full truth, scope, scale and impact of climate crisis.
We simply need you join us and strengthen our voice.

There are number of ways you can play your role;
• ‘Like’ The Climate Reality Project on Facebook and tell your audience to refer friends
• RSVP for the 24 Hours of Reality live stream event on Facebook and suggest others do the same
• Provide your audience with a link to the full Climate Reality event schedule
• Encourage Climate Reality email signups via the signup page on the Climate Reality website
• Start following @ClimateReality on Twitter and ask your followers do the same
• ReTweet our content and/or message us directly @ClimateReality
• Share/tag thoughts about how climate change is affecting your area and ask others to do the same
• Instruct your audience to use #Reality & #[their country] when calling out evidence of climate change
And join us in Pakistan 7pm on September 15, 2011.

Picture: Faisal Shehzad

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