Sunday, October 2, 2011

After 24 Hours of Reality

I am proud to be personally trained by honorable Al Gore which enabled me to present live during the 24 Hours of Reality from Islamabad. On September 14th & 15th, we together with Al Gore, give a message to the world about reality of climate crisis. However this was not the end of message. We need to continue and spread the word. In less than a year time, Pakistan faced another big catastrophe. More than 5 million Pakistani, half of them children, are affected in aftermath of heavy monsoon rains. Last year, it was almost more than 20 million. I reiterate my moral responsibility, commit to talk about climate crisis and present this reality to the most I can reach. I restarted this commitment by organizing a post 24 Hours of Reality group watch party in Islamabad. We need everyone to be part of this campaign and tell the world how human made global carbon emission is changing the world. Ask those who deny and invite them to see what is happening right now in our beautiful province of Sindh due to heavy rains. We need to spread the word and motivate everyone for action.

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