Saturday, June 9, 2012

Training on Climate Change and Local Level Adaptability in OAKCD

It was an honor to facilitate two-day training on "Climate Change and Local Level Adaptability" to development activists in the Omar Asghar Khan Centre for Development, Abbottabad. This was a voluntary support for capacity building of a livelihood project staff who have been working for grass root level communities for the last five five years. 

With thanks from Climate Project Connectors campaign, under the Al Gore's Climate Change Leadership Programme!!

Fun and learning on the World Environment Day 2012

How we celebrated World Environment Day 2012 with colleagues! It was fun, smiles and learning...

We visited each colleague in the office and asked a simple question "Was there any special reason for selecting the dress you are wearing today? 

Some said, "it was the wife' order"!, 

Some said "no light so opted for the last day dress" 

And some said "it was too hot so went for the simple and weather friendly dress"...

Well everyone was conscious why we are inquiring about dresses today!! And our answer was- "wait till 4' o clock and know the answer with a surprise gift".

The time we all gathered to know the answer, we announced the result... 

"colleagues who are wearing the most weather friendly dress and the one who specially selected it on the occasion of World Environment Day is today's winner"...

A good surprise for all with a message that simple living has many rewards, just like the two winners received the gifts of "fresh fruits" today :)

So why to lose this opportunity. Reminding friends and colleagues on the gathering, we asked a number of simple questions... Who uses public transport? Who closes water tab while brushing teeth? Who repairs water leakage? Who reuse plastic bottles and who replaces bulbs with energy efficient lights at home?

Believe me, everyone was feeling proud and smiling if he or she is doing such small but important things in daily life :)

With a small presentation at the end that why we all should do such environment friendly activities and that why the theme of World Environment Day 2012 is "Green Economy" we acknowledged the efforts of everyone who strives to protect the environment.

Thanks to our environment working group members in the office...