Sunday, July 8, 2012

“Make Your Own Climate Volunteers”

Join our Campaign, Become our STAR and be featured!! 

Climate Project Connectors is introducing an innovative climate leadership campaign “Make Your Own Climate Volunteers”. This new campaign aims to engage motivated and energetic climate leaders who can demonstrate their love for the Planet Earth and make a group of volunteers at household, schools, workplace and community level for taking simple but innovative actions.

Who can join this campaign…
1)      Do you love the Planet Earth?
2)      Do you want to be a motivated Climate Leader?
3)      Do you like innovation?

This is the simple criteria to become part of “Make Your Own Climate Volunteers” campaign.

How the campaign works…
It is a simple “Five Step” action of your own choice.

1)      Select your own theme
2)      Select you own action
3)      Make your smart plan
4)      Select your volunteers and start action
5)      Register your action with Climate Project Connectors  through this link:

Your themes:
Your theme can be any choice that you would love to see in your daily or professional environment friendly life. For example Home Based Gardening, Energy Saving, Trees Plantation, Recycling/Reuse, Water Saving, Waste Management, Climate Education, Clean Energy, Climate Advocacy or any other theme of your choice.

Your Actions:
Your action can be as simple and innovative as you can make it. You can select variety of actions, but not limited to the following;
·         If you are Housewife: Make a group of housewives in your neighbor and start home based gardening
·         If you are a Student: Make your group of students and do plantation on the occasion of every member’ birthday
·         If you are a Father: Make your group of neighbors and replace all lights at homes with energy efficient lights
·         If you are an Employee in office:  Make your group of colleagues and start measuring carbon foot print of electricity use, fuel and water consumption in your office by using a simple carbon foot print measuring tool and take actions to reduce your office carbon footprint
·         If you are a young School Going Child: Make a group of friends and use home based waste (papers, straws etc) to make decorated items
·         If you are a Campaigner: Make a group of volunteers, design and circulate online survey/petition to get people opinion on any environmental topic and communicate the results with government official through a letter
·         If you are  Teacher: Make a group of friends and help them learn about climate change
·         If you are an agriculturist, make a group of friends and start organic food production or compost making
·         Any other simple and innovative actions…

Your smart plan:
It all depends upon your smart thinking how you make your plans simple, workable and interesting. Choose your best friends, colleagues and/or neighbors, even online friends using the social media. Select one theme which is more appealing to you and your circle of friends. The first principle is motivation that will help you organize your group and start action. Think of time limit and coverage area for your action i.e. your neighbor, school, university, hamlet or wide range of friends using social media like facebook, twitter, linked In etc. Choose your time in a way which doesn’t stop you from your routine work. Most importantly, motivate at least one member of your group to take similar or different action so that new groups can be formed for more actions. Don’t forget to share some good PHOTOS with us!

Your Group:
Your group members should be at least five members. There is no limit for maximum members, however think of your capacity to be in contact with them regularly and able to communicate with them.

Register your action with us:
Once you realize that you have leadership quality, you can simple take a decision to join this campaign and start your simple action. Register your action on this link so that we know about your wonderful leadership.

The Rewards:
The first and most inspiring reward for you to be part of this campaign is our recognition that you are a responsible person who cares for others. In addition to that;
·         You will become a STAR member of our online social community “Climate Project Connectors”.  
·         You will be featured in our blog “Colors of Life”  which is widely viewed by international community
·         You will get a chance to appear in a National or International Newspaper for your exceptional contribution in “Make You Own Climate Volunteers” campaign 

Please send your photo to so we introduce you as our STAR member!

Required support:
At any stage of your action, feel free to write us on Should you need any technical support or need required information or tools, just add the skype address “make_your_own_climate_volunteers” and schedule a meeting with us.