Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Climate messages for COP 18 Negotiators from different parts of the world

Dear Christiana Figueres,
Executive Secretary,
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

In less than four days before the UN Conference on Climate Change in Doha, we have received special messages on Climate Change from people living in different parts of the world. We would love to share these messages with you, being the executive secretary of the UNFCCC, on the occasion of COP18- the 2012 annual Climate Change negotiations taking place right now in Doha, Qatar.

All these messages give us a strong sense of care which people from different parts of the Planet Earth feel and at the same time demand for a strong political will which can help protect Planet Earth from climate crisis. We request and hope that the world leadership and decision makers getting together in Doha will listen to the voices of people, through these climate messages, and take bold, faster decisions to fight climate crisis and protect the only Earth.

Best wishes for successful negotiations in Doha,

Asif Iqbal,
Climate Project Connectors
“A voluntary climate campaign under the Al Gore’s Climate Change Leadership Programme”

As parents, we look to you, as leaders in our countries to represent us and our children. This climate legacy is in our hands now...be brave, be strong, we are all watching.
ClimateMama, USA

What we need right now is gratitude towards Mother Earth, respect for all life forms and peace inside our hearts - to stop climate change we have to start human change!
Gitte G√ľnther, Germany

The climate crisis deserves strong action ~please champion the people, flora and fauna around the world and negotiate the strongest agreement possible!
Victoria Serda, Canada

Climate change has come to be one of the most defining problems of our time. Without any doubt, it is the biggest existential threat faced by human being in the 21st century. Despite this stark reality Climate change continues to be misunderstood and understated. It has still failed to register properly in the global human consciousness, let alone dominate it as it should.
Mehwish Mushtaq, Pakistan

I want world leaders to show courage and leadership in tackling climate change.
Robin Gunning, Australia

We want that people live in healthy conditions by not damaging the environment. Keep it clean and protect it will help us to live in a safe environment. Trees must be planted and protected. We must avoid burning mountains and forests, we must do what cannot increase temperature, not pollute our environment. This is the concern of each of us, youth, old, men and women, girls and boys.
Congolese Females Action for Promoting their Rights (COFAPRI), Congo

Look at the storms! We cannot postpone giving climate change our full attention!
Peggy Coyle, MI, USA

Climate Change is everyone's concern, those who know about and also those who do not know about this. Let’s not forget people when talking about climate change.
Fauzia Malik, Pakistan

Stop plans for all new pipelines, oil drilling and natural gas fracking, but replace with alternative energy like solar, wind and geothermal.
Miriam Litz USA

I hope the climate change will be special curriculum in our school, so the young generation have own spirit to learn and anticipate of climate change by caring with environment
Edrida Pulungan, Indonesia

Pakistan can't deal climate change unless making education first priority in National policy.

Listen listen listen and do the right things to keep our planet and its atmosphere fit for all the living beings that call earth home.
Susan Abbott, USA

Being citizens of the world it is our responsibility to protect it, to protect our home not just for the future generations but also for our own better lives.
Gulalai Ismail, Pakistan

Give financial support to all those organization whose are working for protecting environment.
Hena Gul, Pakistan

We must ensure that we do our best to reduce those activities which contribute in climate change.

This is the time the climate change sits together with disaster risk reduction to build people's resilience.
Jenik D.S. Andreas, Indonesia

Climate crisis is a matter of survival for many communities who do not have the knowledge, capacity and resources for adaptation and resilience. Would we allow them to die just because we do not have the will to make the change?
Shiela R Castillo, Philippines

Be the changes humanity wants to live in the climate.

Walk or use bike, bicycle instead of driving a car, or governments should introduce good transport service so that everyone start using it. Single person using a car formula should be stopped. Cars run on fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In the United States, automobiles produce over 20 percent of total carbon emissions. Walk or bike and you'll save one pound of carbon for every mile you travel.
Ishraq Faisal, United Arab Emirates

It's now or never.
Kamran Kiyani, Pakistan

Every individual has to have self discipline, cooperativeness and consciousness in every programs of the government regarding a safer environment and taking care of our planet earth.

The Planet needs to collectively adopt and embrace a "CABON FEE AND DIVIDEND" as the means to target and achieve 350ppm of carbon.
Joe Lanteigne, Canada

I live in Pakistan, my country climate is changing. We have severe energy crisis/load shedding. We then have to use generators run by petrol which create noise and pollution. So my humble request is to please overcome energy crisis/load shedding in Pakistan and decrease the causes of pollution.

Everyone wants to talk about climate change but who will pay for it.
Dr. Seeme Mallick, Pakistan

Global warming is real and the whole world needs to deal with it.
Phil Chase. USA

Our children need fresh air not millionaire, healthy playground not wealthy sound.
Evangeline Pua, Indonesia

American politicians may be in denial, but the people are not.
Sarah Griffith USA

We can solve this together!
Isabel, Canada

Hamzah ramadhan, Indonesia

We call on all countries, developed or developing, to take bold steps to curtail their GHG emissions - now, starting at Doha!
Norman, Australia

By switching towards alternate energy resources and by adopting sustainable development, impacts of climate change can be reduced.
Hira Ishtiaq Pakistan

I would like oil subsidies to stop and instead, have renewable resource industries subsidized instead.
Kathy, Canada

I hate you Climate Change and one day i will say there was Climate Change.
Muhammad Majid Sharif, Pakistan

We need to educate the young children, especially in developing countries about what climate change is and how to [revent it worsening, in Indonesia, where I am a teacher, the young children think the world has always been this way.
Andrew Mewburn, Indonesia.

The planet was not made for humans. Humans were made to protect the planet. It’s a dangerous crisis they r investing money against climate volunteers to deny the climate change. I wish truth will win but i don’t know when. Can anyone tell?
Habib, Bangladesh

Climate change can increase or decrease rainfall, influence agricultural crop yields, affect human health, cause changes to forests and other ecosystems, or even impact our energy supply so, it's necessary to explore the impacts of climate change and to make adaptation efforts by region or by sector.
Asma Khalil, Pakistan

More bicycle-traffic worldwide, less automobiles will save a lot of energy and avert more climate change.
Helmut Stange, Germany

I do not want my grandchildren to grow up on a dangerously degraded planet and wonder why Grandpa didn't do anything to prevent it from happening.
Larry Powell. Canada

UNFCC should force developing countries to take strong initiatives regarding environment. As in Pakistan ministry of Environment is like a statue and does nothing. Although laws are present but there is need to regulate laws in Pakistan.
Bilal, Pakistan

I pray that President Obama steps up and is the transformative president we need.
Mary A. Colborn, United States

Let the Climate Change mitigation go beyond the CoP tables and UNFCCC Halls. The dragon shall not wait for your meeting outcomes, before it attacks.
Anusha, Canada

I believe the consequences of CLIMATE CHANGE could be more destructive than those of terrorism. We need to ACT NOW and educate the masses about their responsibilities towards securing the future of our children and generations to come.
Ali Amjad Pakistan

Balance is needed in protecting future earthlings while providing energy.

When PricewaterhouseCoopers tells us to forget 2 degrees, and prepare for 4, and possibly 6 degrees average global warming, is it not time to ACT? What are you waiting for: a war, famine, massive deaths from disease; WHAT? For the very lives of our grandchildren act on mitigation NOW.
David A Hood, Brisbane, Australia

Climate change and biological diversity is highly interlinked, US as a leading GHS contributor needs to be a signatory to the UN convention on biological diversity (CBD) which it is not at present.

Get united before it is too late.

Ask the children of the First World if they would rather have a clean green Planet and not have much money, or if they would rather have a dying Planet and have lots of money - the answer is pretty obvious and should make everyone get to work right now on converting from the carbon fuel-centered economic system to a renewable system.
Dave Finnigan, USA

It’s a beautiful world and i want to save it.

For the sake of a safe climate please be brave and take effective action to minimise climate change.
Marguerite Marshall Australia

We are the first generation to knowingly decide the future climate of the planet, and we may be the last generation to be able to make that choice.
Katie Davis, USA

Known oil reserves, if extracted, are enough to burn up the planet 5 times over. This is madness and must stop!
Dr. Susan Diamond, Canada

Make an effort to reduce deforestation and forest degradation and also conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems should be included among the goals of UNFCCC.
Fatima Zafar, Pakistan

Leaders, your own grandkids are counting on you to face the reality of climate change and fix it; a global carbon tax would be a good start.
Carl Duivenvoorden, Canada

Before the remaining forests turn into barren lands and the atmosphere completely turns into an impermeable net of greenhouse gases, the industries, for the sake of humanity, MUST go for cleaner and environment-friendly processes and products. Until and unless, they don't realize the responsibility they are supposed to shoulder, Climate Change will keep inching closer!

Life might be different and the perceptions of people is definitively incredible important for making changes in behavior. Trees are live organisms that HELP control RAIN and the weather patterns of the atmosphere!!!!
Touqeer Taj, Pakistan

We must stop the fossil fuel companies from selling us all their reserves for we will burn them and we will see a 6 degree catastrophic rise in temperature.
Dianne Rhodes, Canada

Price Carbon emissions, end tax subsidies to Big Oil, and transition to renewable energy sources on a large scale- that's how we can save the world!
Catherine Kiewning, Canada

Our oceans and marine life that have sustained the human species since the beginning of our time on this earth must be protected from any further industrial exploitation and governments globally need to make climate change the top priority NOW, IMMEDIATELY, I am asking you to PLEASE WAKE UP before it's too late.
Mary Gorman Canada

Leaders, forget your countries: act as fathers/mothers and citizens of our one precious world.
Jonathan Doig, Earth

The ultimate decision maker is nature and if we don't respect the laws of nature, our children and grand children will pay the ultimate penalty for something we created --- so pay attention to nature's expressions that are manifesting through intense hurricanes and storm surges and ACT NOW, enough public monies have been wasted on these gatherings but we need action NOW!!!

The politicians of the world need to listen to what the majority of people in every nation are telling them: please do something to combat climate change and achieve an international agreement that will accomplish something.
Bradley J. Dibble, Canada

It's time to be completely honest to ourselves and to the rest of the world and immediately stop supporting the industry that destroys us; the economy can recover; our civilization might not.
Dr. Maiken Winter, Germany

The paradigm must shift now from unfettered economic growth to maintaining a viable and livable home planet, and it starts with renewed energy and responsible corporate citizenship.

I will do my best to support you in making tough choices that reduce the magnitude of climate change and to oppose you should you back off and put the interests of the high carbon economy ahead of the needs of the poor and our children.
Nelson Lee, Canada

Mere awareness of issues is not enough. Awareness through sensitization and through proper incentive provision must be encouraged and practiced by all organization.
Fozia Parveen, Pakistan

We need to see more ethical business practices that give priority to the environment without which the future of our planet is in grave jeopardy.

We have all the tools we need to solve the climate crisis, except for political will. My solution: Organized grassroots volunteers in political constituencies in nations all over the world, will have to push and pull for a price on carbon pollution from their elected representatives. The only organization I know that is effectively training people to do just that on a macroscale is Citizens Climate Lobby www.citizensclimatelobby.ca (Canada) and www.citizensclimatelobby.org (USA/International)
Cathy Orlando, Canada

Dear Leaders, We all know that time is ticking away and the global climate crisis is worsening. So please imagine we have reached ahead in time, look back and take decisions that will reverse this mess. And please reduce these meetings! Hope someone is calculating the Carbon and water footprint of all the UN meetings!
Mona Datta,  India

We need a safer world where we and the generations to come live with no weather extremes.
Asif Iqbal, Pakistan

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's time to Doha- Post your "One Sentence Message on Climate Change"

Qatar and its people are going to be so important in coming days being the host of COP 18- UN Conference on Climate Change during November 26-December 7, 2012. The Conference bring expectations of billions of people around the world to see whether the UN member countries would be able to take action towards solution of climate crisis or not.

Human activities like burning of fossil fuel and deforestation is causing Climate Change and the result is obvious- increase in global temperature together with extreme weather events- flooding, cyclones, droughts, sea level rise, diseases and loss of human lives and the environment. Children, women and everyone's life is at risk if the developed/industrial countries and emerging economies continue to pollute and endanger our environment with their carbon emission.

As the world nations meet in Doha, Qatar during November 26-December 7, 2012 to negotiate on Climate Change, we request you to post a "one sentence message" along with your name and country and tell us what you feel or what action you demand for a safer environment! Go to this link and post your message; 

We will send your messages to the UNFCCC on the occasion of UN Climate Change Conference in Doha and demand your voices to he heard.

Post your message; http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LQGV98W 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our letter to the Federal Minister Climate Change, Pakistan

November 20, 2012

Rana Farooq Saeed Khan
Federal Minister for Climate Change
Local Government Complex
3rd Floor, G-5/2
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sub:                              UN Climate Change Conference 2012 and Pakistan

Dear Federal Minister,

Climate Project Connectors, being a voluntary climate campaign in Pakistan helps stakeholders learn about climate change, encourage communities seek sustainable and local solutions and advocate on climate crisis in Pakistan. The campaign gets its inspiration from the Al Gore’s Climate Change Leadership Programme, worldwide.

A few months ago, we received responses from the citizen of Pakistan about climate issues in the country and we were able to share those concerns and suggestions with the Climate Change Ministry of Pakistan. We hope the Ministry would have found those concerns and suggestions useful, as we get closer to the 2012’ UN Conference on Climate Change, to be held in Doha, Qatar, from November 26-December 7, 2012.

After the recent series of extreme weather events in Pakistan and with a positive step of our government to establish Climate Change Ministry, we would like to emphasize that the Ministry should consider following key points as it participates in the forthcoming UN conference in Doha;

·         Climate Change has significantly contributed in shifting the weather pattern in Pakistan. Three floods in a row is a live example, with the 2010 flood being more devastating. The country has suffered economic loss of more than 50 billion dollars. Being one of the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate crisis, our government should take a strong stand during the conference to advocate with developed/industrial countries on reduction of their carbon emission which is one of the major causes of extreme weather events in our region
·         Our government need to play its key role during the two-week negotiations to mobilize clearly defined, agreed and financially secured adaptation plans for the country to avoid further vulnerabilities of our people in Pakistan. The Ministry has already prioritized the areas for adaptation, particularly in water security and food security, in its National Climate Change Policy, which needs immediate attention, resources and actions on the ground
·         Our government needs to advocate on required capacity for energy security, one of the key priority areas in the policy, to safeguard country future energy requirement through clean and renewable resources. This would also help Pakistan to play its role as a responsible state for voluntary and affordable reduction in our carbon emission and creating new jobs
·         Following the outcomes of Doha’ conference, the Ministry should launch a national level programme to inform grass root communities and stakeholders on future climate scenarios, UN negotiations and key achievements. The programme should lead to short, medium and longer term gender sensitive “district level adaptation and mitigation plans” together with adequate resources to pilot implementation in most vulnerable districts

We look forward for a positive response and express our sincere wishes to the Climate Change Ministry for its productive participation in the forthcoming UN negotiations in Doha.


Asif Iqbal

On behalf of
Climate Project Connectors- Pakistan

Friday, November 9, 2012

Join me to advocate for Pakistan- This November 15


I am getting ready to talk live to the world this November 15, 2012 (8 pm PST) during the 24 Hours of Reality live webcast to present the case of Pakistan on climate crisis! If you are a flood affectee from Pakistan, witnessed or have heard about extreme weather, I would love to hear your story! Your words would make me strong and advocate on your behalf. Send me email at asifoghi@yahoo.com and feel free to share this news among your friends, using your social network!!

Stay tuned on: http://www.ustream.tv/climatereality

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