Friday, November 23, 2012

It's time to Doha- Post your "One Sentence Message on Climate Change"

Qatar and its people are going to be so important in coming days being the host of COP 18- UN Conference on Climate Change during November 26-December 7, 2012. The Conference bring expectations of billions of people around the world to see whether the UN member countries would be able to take action towards solution of climate crisis or not.

Human activities like burning of fossil fuel and deforestation is causing Climate Change and the result is obvious- increase in global temperature together with extreme weather events- flooding, cyclones, droughts, sea level rise, diseases and loss of human lives and the environment. Children, women and everyone's life is at risk if the developed/industrial countries and emerging economies continue to pollute and endanger our environment with their carbon emission.

As the world nations meet in Doha, Qatar during November 26-December 7, 2012 to negotiate on Climate Change, we request you to post a "one sentence message" along with your name and country and tell us what you feel or what action you demand for a safer environment! Go to this link and post your message;

We will send your messages to the UNFCCC on the occasion of UN Climate Change Conference in Doha and demand your voices to he heard.

Post your message; 

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  1. We ask that President Obama be the transformative president that we need and focus on this issue and the future of our world.