Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our letter to the Federal Minister Climate Change, Pakistan

November 20, 2012

Rana Farooq Saeed Khan
Federal Minister for Climate Change
Local Government Complex
3rd Floor, G-5/2
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sub:                              UN Climate Change Conference 2012 and Pakistan

Dear Federal Minister,

Climate Project Connectors, being a voluntary climate campaign in Pakistan helps stakeholders learn about climate change, encourage communities seek sustainable and local solutions and advocate on climate crisis in Pakistan. The campaign gets its inspiration from the Al Gore’s Climate Change Leadership Programme, worldwide.

A few months ago, we received responses from the citizen of Pakistan about climate issues in the country and we were able to share those concerns and suggestions with the Climate Change Ministry of Pakistan. We hope the Ministry would have found those concerns and suggestions useful, as we get closer to the 2012’ UN Conference on Climate Change, to be held in Doha, Qatar, from November 26-December 7, 2012.

After the recent series of extreme weather events in Pakistan and with a positive step of our government to establish Climate Change Ministry, we would like to emphasize that the Ministry should consider following key points as it participates in the forthcoming UN conference in Doha;

·         Climate Change has significantly contributed in shifting the weather pattern in Pakistan. Three floods in a row is a live example, with the 2010 flood being more devastating. The country has suffered economic loss of more than 50 billion dollars. Being one of the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate crisis, our government should take a strong stand during the conference to advocate with developed/industrial countries on reduction of their carbon emission which is one of the major causes of extreme weather events in our region
·         Our government need to play its key role during the two-week negotiations to mobilize clearly defined, agreed and financially secured adaptation plans for the country to avoid further vulnerabilities of our people in Pakistan. The Ministry has already prioritized the areas for adaptation, particularly in water security and food security, in its National Climate Change Policy, which needs immediate attention, resources and actions on the ground
·         Our government needs to advocate on required capacity for energy security, one of the key priority areas in the policy, to safeguard country future energy requirement through clean and renewable resources. This would also help Pakistan to play its role as a responsible state for voluntary and affordable reduction in our carbon emission and creating new jobs
·         Following the outcomes of Doha’ conference, the Ministry should launch a national level programme to inform grass root communities and stakeholders on future climate scenarios, UN negotiations and key achievements. The programme should lead to short, medium and longer term gender sensitive “district level adaptation and mitigation plans” together with adequate resources to pilot implementation in most vulnerable districts

We look forward for a positive response and express our sincere wishes to the Climate Change Ministry for its productive participation in the forthcoming UN negotiations in Doha.


Asif Iqbal

On behalf of
Climate Project Connectors- Pakistan

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