Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012- an year which reminds me you as a life asset

Like every year we spent with people around us, 2012 also touched me with the memories of friends and personalities who make me feel great and learn with every passing month of the year! 2012 although comes to an end, but it reminds me how special you all are in my life! Here I share some reasons why it is so…   

Angela- a wonderful woman leader I have seen who keeps me motivated for my voluntary work in Pakistan with her continuous support and encouragement all the way

Sahibzada Jawad- your dedication to move forward and achieve the best is always admiring

David Anthony Hood- a great personality which always want to see life as healthy and sustainable as possible

 Aly Kaifee- a wonderful personality who put all his communication efforts together to present me live to talk to the world two times while presenting and talking live about climate reality!

Lyn Bender- she is a live person, full of life and ambitions

Rebecca Phyland- a dedicated friend and professional with her wisdom and care for others

Asher- an energetic friend who wants to see the world differently, I still remember his lovely company in the O’ Spring

Seangly- I know her from very recent but I can see her as a passionate young professional

Abdul Majid- one of my best friends, a hardworking who always want to rise above

Fauzia Malik- she is a sound professional and a dedicated personality in Pakistan

Robin- she is a decent personality and a respectable name in climate campaigning

 Ilyas- a young dedicated environmental science student from Northern Area

Fatima Zaffar- I learnt from her decent personality that persistent efforts can overcome challenges in life

Kamran Kiyani- a wonderful fellow climate campaigner who is always full of ideas and opportunities

Maggie Fox- she is simply the great, I recall the moment she talked about myself and called me as a climate leader in Pakistan during her live webcast from New York on the occasion of 24 Hours of Reality

Majid Sharif- another young fellow connector whom I always appreciate as dedicated youth

Roomana- a great fellow and hardworking professional

Shahzad Khan- a true youth leader who can inspire many with his brilliant work

Gulalai Ismail- a courageous girl leader who wants to build a society where women and girls could live with dignity and peace

Khalida- a fellow climate campaigner and leader who is a source of true inspiration for countless women and girls in Pakistan

Adam- his best laugh and smiles always gave me positive note in my work

Arzana- a wonderful fellow who really take care of friends

Murad- my best friend, we spent our childhood together and we are still best friends

Cathy- a committed lady whom I never saw away wherever something good we friends did in Pakistan

Lubna- a wonderful friend who never forget friends

Imran- our fellow connector, a stylish and smart environmental science student

Ayesha- a courageous friend who always keeps others motivated

Mir Zakaria- one of best connectors who always want to do something good

Linh Do- a truly energetic young leader who always inspire me with her innovative thinking

Bismah- a hardworking young student who really cares for environment

Amanda- an experienced leader which is always there to help others with her caring notes

Jonathan- he is amazing friend who is always there to support and inspire

Sheila- a passionate climate lover who has been transforming lives of many with her tireless efforts

Marita- a good friend from a far part of the world which shares a common story with me despite our cultural or religious differences

Abdul Rab- a dedicated professional and best friend who inspires me with his charming personality

 Zohra Akseer- I never met her in person but we are the best online friends. She is a wonderful friend from Afghanistan, a happy family personality living currently in Australia

Hamzah- a young climate campaigner and a caring friend

Dongzik- my best fellow campaigner from Korea

Mohsin Qamar- I met him in our live webcast on climate change where he interviewed me for his TV channel Sohni Dharti and ran the programme for one hour, almost three times!

 Rodne- I can say he is one of the hardworking young campaigner who can inspire many

Mahnaz Rehman- no doubt, she is a great human rights activist who make me learn many good things from her work

Azizah- a personality who can face challenges and stand above all

Saba Gul- I see her a live and passionate personality

Will Bates- one of the tireless leaders and professional I have seen in my friends list

Nadeen Wagan- he always smiles and gives us a message of smiling world

Gerard- another wonderful personality that you can see in my facebook profile picture!
Mama Maria- she is my wonderful mentor who helped me learn professionally, I love her and call her our sweet Mama!

Sharon Kane- a most respectable lady and a mentor which helped me learn many thing in my professional life

Tayyab- a young student of environmental science, one of our dedicated connectors in Pakistan

Evangelina- No doubt, she is a dedicated mother and a caring personality for Planet Earth

Dave- I appreciate you Dave, you gave me new insights to empower new generation for a better tomorrow

Mubashir- a wonderful friend, young student and our climate connector

Jamshed Gill- I always see him a passionate and hardworking person

Naima Hassan- she is a great personality, I see a lot of energy and passion in her work

Shahida Kazmi- I met her recently and found her a hardworking professional

Kate Nolan- She, with the help of her team, helped me a lot how to talk in front of live cameras! Many things I learnt from her great personality

 Memoona Chaudry- a happy family girl who always motivate me being my climate connector in Pakistan

Anusha- a charming fellow who keeps me learn how to keep people connected
Nana Firman- her caring comments, love and care for nature and religion make me feels positive

Mim Lowe- a true personality full of life and passion which reflects in her writings and communications

Aditya- my best Indian friend I never felt as some from other country

Mona Datta- another great friend from India which I always want to keep in my friends circle

Zabardast Khan- my fellow climate leader which always inspire me with his great personality and wisdom

Aygun- a caring friend who see this world beautifully and live a joyful life

Mel- a wonderful and smiley mentor who helped me truly how to keep friends connected for our voluntary climate movement in Pakistan

Kelly Wooster- a wonderful trainer and a lady who gave me some great knowledge many years before but she is still in my good notes

Leena- she is one of the best friends who really cares friends

Carrie- a best personality who can make us smile with her caring smiles

Naheed- a wonderful woman leader and a wonderful development professional

Asma- she always encourage me to be more active on social media with her positive likes over facebook

Victoria Serda- she is just amazing, an intelligent and hardworking personality

Nimra- when we talk about sustainability, I think of Nimra

Edrida- a supportive personality in friends circle

Ruci- you can see her in my facebook profile picture! A dedicated fellow campaigner

And the list goes on with lots of special friends who gave me every chance of learning and making 2012 a memorable year. Please message me if I have missed you and I will update the above list with your sweet entry! 

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