Sunday, July 21, 2013

Make Your Own Climate Volunteers

“Make Your Own Climate Volunteers” is one of the simple yet innovative ideas in our campaign to fight climate change. It brings the idea of making a group of dedicated volunteers where anyone can, with the help of his/her own group, initiate an activity or a full project in their communities, schools or businesses. This can be any simple activity which can make our environment clean or contribute in overall efforts to advocate on actions to fight climate change.

You can make a group of friends/volunteers and start a simple activity like "planting a tree on friends/family member' birthday" or a project like "teaching a community how to recycle waste". There are thousands of ideas around us which all depends on your brain and your will :)

If you want to be more systematic, you can follow these steps;

- Select your own theme
- Make a work plan
- Select your volunteers and start action
- Let us know your story of success

We would love to cover your story in our blog or you may be appearing in some newspaper with your innovative action and be heard around the world! 
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