Saturday, November 30, 2013

You are invited to join “I am a Youth Climate Leader” Initiative- 2014

You are a born leader! You have always something unique that makes you the special one! You have skills and you are full of energies and passion! Sometime you feel you don’t get chance or express yourself with potential you have. Then why not join our new initiative “I am a Youth Climate Leader” and unleash your true leadership skills and inspire the world with your dynamic personality and actions!

With the start of New Year 2014- our campaign “Climate Project Connectors” is launching a new initiative to spark leadership qualities which challenges the life and abilities of Youth as Leaders for next generation!

Joining this programme you will be able to;
·         Create Opportunities rather than wait for opportunities
·         Connect your Values with Actions, and
·         Confidently motivate Yourself to take leadership role in much challenging Climate Crisis

Who can join?

If you are a young individual of age 16 to 30 and you are passionate to work for Planet Earth, then you got an exciting chance to join us in this two to three-day training programme!

What this programme brings to you?

“I am a Youth Climate Leader” is a combination of interactive activities and sessions full of fun, games, exercises and energies which will make you realize your leadership skills for simple to exceptional climate actions. Attending this training programme will help you express yourself to the outer world with your full potential. The training will utilize your time in knowing yourself, your potential, shaping your story telling ability that comes out of your own personal life, connecting your Values with Actions and building motivational links within groups and communities you lead.

More importantly, you will get the chance to learn from updated version of the Al Gore’s slide show on Climate Change, featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. Not only this, you will have the opportunity to join Mr. Al Gore in one of his future trainings and become part of his global team of Climate Reality Leadership Corps!

How to join?

The programme will start from 2014 onward. If you are a dedicated young individual aged 16 to 30, all you need is to register yourself for our upcoming trainings and we will contact you when and where to join. Your participation will depend upon your motivation we see using the simple online registration form, the time we organize training in area near to you and number of participants.

In your selection process, we will look forward to see your motivation to act as a Youth Climate Leader. Your motivation can be anything simple like;

“I want to be a Youth leader to educate 100 women and girls on climate change”

Or more challenging such as;

“I want to be a Youth leader and I want to start a solar/wind power project in my community”

Core theme of this initiative is to believe on you self! Today, you might just be thinking of what happens around you. Tomorrow, you will be representing Youth in future UN Climate Summit!

Use this online link to register your name for our future trainings;

You can also host a training
If case you don’t want to wait and have resources to organize and host this training programme, you can invite us for a special training for your specific group.  Contact us on this email with this simple information;

·         Number of Youth participants
·         Details of each participant using the same online registration form
·         Venue for the training
·         Training facilities
·         Tentative schedule of training

Principle of Volunteerism

“I am a Youth Climate Leader” is completely a voluntary initiative. Your participation in the programme will be fee of cost! The programme, in any case, does not encourage the participants and hosts to use this training for their personal monetary benefits.  What we ask you to bring in this programme is your true dedication and commitment! 

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