Monday, May 19, 2014

Restore Climate Change Ministry in Pakistan

We are asking every responsible citizen of Pakistan demand Government to restore Climate Change Ministry in the country. 

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According to the Germanwatch' Annual Global Risk Index 2010, Pakistan was listed as the number one most affected country in the world due to Climate Change. In 2011 Pakistan was again ranked as number three among all the countries. Another report in 2012 listed Haiti, the Philippines and Pakistan as hardest hit by weather related disasters. The recent IPCC report highlighted Pakistan as prone to human induced Climate Change. Some of the critical impacts Pakistan will suffer due to Climate Change include shortage of clean drinking water, flooding like in 2010, heat waves, unexpected rains, sea level rise, melting of glaciers in North and severe drought condition. These impact will trigger weather related diseases, huge displacements and lose of precious lives. We are already witnessing many of these impacts in our lives. 

Establishment of Climate Change Ministry in Pakistan was a landmark step, following the announcement of National Climate Change Policy. However, despite the real challenges our people face due to Change Change, the present Government last year demoted the Ministry to Division and reduced the Ministry' budget significantly, considering that it is a burden on country economy. This decision raised lots of concerns among environmental organizations and international community. A separate dedicated Ministry had given a promising image to the country as it had potential to mobilize resources and mainstream actions to help our Citizen face the challenges of Climate Change. Without a proper platform at Government level, tackling big challenges like Climate Change is impossible.

At this crucial time, we are asking every responsible citizen of Pakistan demand Government to restore Climate Change Ministry and help everyone face this big challenge now and in future. If you are concerned about the future of your children and loved ones, add your message here and we will include your message in our final demand paper to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to restore Climate Change Ministry in Pakistan.

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Photo: BCPAK