Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Go with a Letter to Your Local Imam Masjid (Faith Leader) to be Your Climate Advocate

Starting with the first year target of getting 50 volunteers to contact 50 Imam Masjid/Faith Leaders, we are launching a new campaign "My Faith Leader My Climate Advocate". 

This campaign will aim to get Imam Masjid of every Muslim community in Pakistan talk about Climate Change during Friday Sermons. The process is very simple;

Step 1: Show your Interest to be a volunteer. Contact us through Email and let us know your full name, your email address and your local Masjid address you want to engage with

Step 2: We will send you a link to download a Ready-Made Letter which explains why to request your local Imam Masjid to talk about Climate Change during Friday Sermons

Step 3: Post your updates on our page or email us directly to confirm you have engaged your local Imam Masjid on this subject

Step 4: We will feature you on our page for your act of faith leadership

Feel free to share this process and our page link among your friends and social media circle.