Sunday, January 3, 2016

This is all about You Al Gore! A Tribute to Your Leadership!

This is all about Al Gore!!

Paris Agreement is a well-deserved celebration for us all in the global climate movement! This historical agreement has finally set the tone to say goodbye to fossil fuel and transition to clean renewable energy like Solar and Wind! We could not have achieved this milestone without the visionary leadership of Al Gore who mobilized grass root climate actions and largely contributed to drive political will to reach the Paris Agreement!

Thank you Al Gore for everything you are doing for the Planet Earth! Happy New Year 2016 J

Our project of compassion: After the Paris Agreement, I thought inviting everyone to say something special for Al Gore would be one of the respectable ways to acknowledge his true leadership in global climate campaign! Today, I feel so excited to share all those messages I have received from our wonderful fellows and friends to appreciate Al Gore for his profound contribution in the Paris Agreement. Thank you everyone for joining me in this simple but lovely initiative! 

Visit this beautiful online presentation and click play to enjoy our collective tribute to Mr. Al Gore!! 

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