Friday, August 5, 2016

Ask Pakistan Railway Paint the Train with Climate Change Messages

Every day thousands of people use trains to travel across Pakistan. A country which suffers the brunt of climate change like heatwaves, flooding, scarcity of drinking water, drought and sea level rise, is less aware of science behind the climate crisis. We need to educate our people!

"Paint the Train with Climate Messages" is our new campaign where we will request everyone join us in demanding the Pakistan Railway to put climate change awareness raising messages on a train. This will provide an easy and affordable way to educate wider community about climate change and help them learn solution to fight climate crisis.

You can join this campaign by adopting different ways of actions like;

1) Hashtag #PaintTrainWithClimate and ask Pakistan Railway to paint the train with climate change messages for broader community awareness

2) If you travel in a train, take your photo along with a message written on something and ask Pak Railway "Paint the Train with Climate Message"

3) Write an article or blog about this campaign and share it on our page

4) Talk about it in some TV or radio interview 

5) Send your messages to different environmental organizations, Pakistan Railway and even to the office of Prime Minister

6) Join our online survey to demand the Pak Railway to Paint the train with Climate Change message

7) Any other way you find easy to communicate your message to Pak Railway!