Saturday, December 24, 2016

Donate and make Solar Powered Schools a reality!

Imagine an extremely hot classroom with no electricity in a temperature of 40 ℃ during summers, or too less light in a classroom during winter when bad weather shut down the power. A solar powered school which can help run at least 3 ceiling fans and 6 energy saver lights would not be less than a blessing for little angels.
How can you help us? In fact there are number of ways!

Donation; You can donate even $3 or more. Donate here; 

Do a Five-minute presentation Do a short five-minutes presentation to your colleagues or friends and we'll send you a short ready made presentation for your use (comment if you need this presentation)

Spread the word on social media Share this link on facebook, twitter, linkedIn and ask your friends to donate 

Make it published If you or your friend run a page, blog or website, post our campaign link their to reach more people to read and donate.

Ask us Contact us if you need to donate or help by any other way!

So come forward, help in this cause and donate here so we can make solar powered schools for our future generation a reality!